Name Hometown Car Dial React ET Speed
WIN TRACY PEREZ Valley Center 88 Thunderbird 5.83 0.033 5.859 110.51
R/U RJ SIMROCK Lakeside 70 Nova 6.61 0.100 6.652 102.02
Semi Jim Woody Wood La Costa 63 Corvette 6.55 0.044 6.638 102.91
Semi Rick Reynolds San Diego 71 Pinto 5.35 -0.016 5.325 130.14 FOUL
WIN DAN GEIS San Diego 64 Nova 6.47 0.032 6.479 110.51
R/U RICK REYNOLDS San Diego 71 Pinto 5.35 -0.008 5.318 130.27 FOUL
Semi Joe Bernier Chula Vista Vega 5.63 0.152 5.752 118.48
WIN PETE WRIEDEN San Diego 57 Bel Air 6.74 0.066 6.754 100.14
R/U PAUL WAGNER Lakeside 65 Valiant 7.01 0.049 7.054 95.56
Semi Jim Woody Wood La Costa 63 Corvette 6.54 0.069 6.560 101.68
Win RJ SIMROCK Dial-in: 6.58 ET 6.605 Over by: 0.025
Another brilliant day at the race track, reminding us all why we live in beautiful Southern California. The wind was at our backs in the
morning, blowing steady from the east, hot and dry and we saw some quick times. By the afternoon, it had shifted back around from the west.
We had a few minor oil spills and a couple of lock-ups, nothing major until the Courier hit the wall. Luckily, no one was hurt, but the truck
had some front end damage. The races were RED HOT with some old-timers going round after round after round (yes, I'm talking
to you Joe B and Woody and Rick) Tracy Perez took the ELECTRONICS win in his super fancy Ford hot rod and Dan Geis
KILLED it in the NON-E group! It was great to see team OUTLAW at the track and they made a good showing as Pete Wrieden won the
$20 Gambler over Lakeside's own, Paul Wagner. Jeff Wesser also showed his freshly shorn pretty baby face as he snuck in to give his
new engine a couple of test runs. It was round after round for the test and tuners. Highlights were the dueling duo late model Hemi
Chargers, Joe Silva's Studly Steer motorcycle and Gary Hairfield on 'some Italian thing' bike. As always, it is awesome to see
the variety of cars that come together to enjoy the sport; imports, hot rods, dragsters, altereds, jrs, street cars, muscle cars and yes, even
a couple of black smoke belching diesel trucks! Thanks for all the support!!!!
(ps. I am purposely not mentioning the FOUL (red light) problem of one of our racers, but you may be able to identify him
from the results above….if anyone knows where to make offerings to the Green Goddess of GREEN LIGHTS, his wife
would love to send him to kneel at her emerald feet and kiss them repeatedly in hopes of finding a way to appease her)