NHRA Summit Series #1
Name Hometown Car Dial React ET Speed
WIN GARY HAIRFIELD San Diego 09 Corvette 8.05 0.061 8.306 76.61
R/U RICK REYNOLDS San Diego 71 Pinto 5.28 0.042 broke 0.00
Semi Wayne Charbonneau San Diego 62 Ranchero 6.59 red 6.529 105.58 FOUL
WIN ZACH MEZIERE Escondido 11 Dragster 6.49 0.015 6.554 106.24
R/U MARK LAEGER Wildomar 64 Nova 5.46 0.021 5.645 124.51
Semi Gary Ratcliffe Fallbrook 23 Ford T 6.06 0.238 6.088 115.78
WIN GEORGE CHATTERTON Escondido 37 Fiat Topo 5.50 0.011 5.545 121.15
R/U DALE SWEITZER Menifee 89 Mustang 8.14 0.103 8.061 82.61 BO
Semi John Hildebrand Encinitas Model A Truck 6.27 -0.008 6.891 95.04 FOUL
Semi Trey Sommers Escondido 56 Chevy 6.68 0.083 6.693 101.47
WIN JOSE CAMPOS Vista Chevy  SSR 8.89 0.033 8.918 81.29
R/U TOM DUTCHER Ramona 65 Nova 7.49 0.068 7.510 87.63
Semi Gary Hairfield San Diego 09 Corvette 8.14 0.129 8.098 90.71 BO
WIN GAIGE HERRERA Temecula Kawasaki 5.65 0.116 5.690 123.08
WIN BRANKO SINDICICH Lomita 92 Mustang 6.35 0.061 6.426 105.80
R/U DENNIS GONSALVES La Mesa 86 Mustang 7.60 0.111 7.700 89.14
Semi Joe Bernier Chula Vista 36 Ford 5.98 -0.039 6.282 112.20 FOUL
Semi Gary Moore Wildomar 09 Busa 6.39 -0.150 6.375 114.24 FOUL
Win BRANKO SINDICICH Dial-in: 6.34 ET 6.340 Over by: 0.000
Race Notes
What an incredible day of racing!!! We had SO many races going on, it was a fantastic day to be at the track!
With over 130 racers and a bunch of spectators, we had an awesome time sending the cars down the track
FORD vs. CHEVY Grudge match best 2 out of 3 took exactly 2 runs to crown the CHEVY the win!
Although the FORD MUSTANG, driven by Erwin 'Irwindale' Chellar, gave us top speed, Steve 'The Shermanator' Sherman
was able to pull out the win with better reaction times at the tree. Thanks to all the people who came to support
this Great 'Ol 'Merican match up, I'm thinking we need a re-match sometime very soon……
Keith Wilson in his brand new re-tooled WITCH DOCTOR Top Fuel Altered put on an spectacular show as he 
tried to break the track record previously held by himself. The WITCH DOCTOR didn't make it full track on either pass,
but still managed to go in the 4 second range. WOW!
2013 SUMMIT SERIES kicked off with a bang, we had some new faces and were so happy to see our returning team
mates from 2012 (well, most of them anyway…..) So many tight drag races, it is no wonder we produce so many
champions! Zach Meziere convincingly defended his SuperPro title in his hot purple dragster and George
Chatterton had an epic run in his 37 Fiat topo HITMAN to win PRO over Dale Sweitzer, new to our Summit Team.
Great job to both and welcome to Barona Dale! In Sportsman, Jose Campos looked like he was going to pick up the
kids in his blue Chevy SSR, but ended up just taking most of our hard-core racers to the cleaners. 
Reigning track champion Gaige Herrera must have scared off the competion in ProBikes as he was the solo entry and winner for the day!
WICKED STANGS vs. THE WORLD held their annual event and it drew some of the finest looking Mustangs on the west coast!
Thanks again to all the Mustang guys who put on this event. If you have the results for the True Street division please send them
our way. It is always a pleasure to see so many American Muscle cars at the track and please come out anytime!
The day was long but ran so smoothly, it was amazing! We were watching our last pass down the track, the finals for the the $20
Gambler between Rick Reynolds and Gary Hairfield, patting ourselves on the back, when Rick Reynolds' Pinto 
CHICK MAGNET decided to smack both the left K rail and then the right before almost rolling and coming to a stop.
Thankfully, Rick and everyone else were uninjured and the Pinto just suffered a crumpled front end, with no actual
structural or mechanical damage. Whew! It was exciting, exhausting, exhilirating, extreme and all those other ex- words…
Thanks to all who contributed happy attitudes and good sportsmanship to make the day one for the books!