NHRA Summit Series #2
Name Hometown Car Dial React ET Speed
WIN JOSE CAMPOS Vista 09 HHR SS 8.86 0.098 8.876 82.64
R/U PETE WRIEDEN San Diego 57 BelAir 6.86 0.101 6.898 99.23
Semi Paul Wagner Lakeside 65 Valiant 7.05 -0.401 7.051 95.81 FOUL
WIN ZACH MEZIERE Escondido 11 Dragster 6.70 0.018 6.662 106.00 BO
R/U GEORGE RODGERS Fallbrook 65 Malibu SS 6.69 -0.001 6.698 101.68 FOUL
Semi Gary Ratcliffe Fallbrook 23 Ford T 6.01 0.002 6.119 116.53
WIN RJ SIMROCK Lakeside 70 Nova 6.65 0.004 6.643 99.71 BO
R/U JIMMY MOROSAN Baldwin Park 71 Duster 7.21 0.038 7.141 93.13 BO
Semi Mark Laeger Wildomar 64 Nova 5.65 0.064 5.621 117.35 BO
Semi Dale Sweitzer Menifee 89 Mustang 8.04 -0.001 8.015 85.05 FOUL
WIN GARY HAIRFIELD San Diego 09 Corvette 8.12 0.018 8.151 85.96
R/U DALE SWEITZER Menifee 89 Mustang 8.04 0.068 8.043 84.58
Semi Tim Arnswald La Quinta 67 Camaro 7.91 0.107 7.945 85.92
WIN GAIGE HERRERA La Mirada Kawasaki 5.65 0.057 5.881 119.75
Win JIMMY MOROSAN Dial-in: 7.15 ET 7.154 Over by: 0.004
Race Notes
It was HOT at the track on this SUMMIT Sunday! The racers turned out in true form and if you enjoy the sport of drag racing, it didnŐt get any more pure than this. Race after race of to-the-stripe wins in all the categories. Special kudos to all the track volunteers who work so hard to make the track hook so well time after time, pass after pass, morning, noon or night. Also a special mention of thanks to Remy Reynolds who stepped in to help run the Summit Series like a BOSS!
After a frustrating Saturday, both RJ Simrock and Jimmy Morosan got back in the Summit groove today: Jimmy winning Run for the $$ AND getting R/U to RJs win in the Bob HughesŐ owed Blue Nova. Zach Meziere continued to reign supreme, going undefeated for 2013 in the Super Pro races. Gary Hairfield reminded us that he is, indeed, the King of the Track, winning Sportsman. Gaige Herrera, the INTIMIDATOR, scared off the competition again as he remained the sole entry AND current points leader in the 2013 Summit ProBike category.
Just what the doctor ordered for our racers, we had a long weekend of tight racing and serious competition at the track. We love our racers! Thanks again to the track crew, spectators and drivers for making the entire weekend a blissful memory and huge success!