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RENEGADE #6, 12-12-15 On one cold December evening, there was one last race at Barona's 1/8th Mile Drag Strip to close out the 2015 season. The Renegade ran this cool holiday night, bringing the roars of engines rocking down the 1/8th mile runway. The Renegade Non-Electronics were the ones that started things off, as Gary Harfield challenged year long powerhouse Rick Reynolds in the Non-E final. Rick lined up in the 71 Pinto he won bracket after bracket with, while Garys 2013 Corvette challenged him at the line. Gary's 7.83 dial gave him about a second and a half head start over Rick's 5.26 dial, but Rick still jumped off the line faster, his .034 light beating Gary's .042 light, as Rick burned down the track, going over 105 MPH as he finishes with a 5.399 E/T on his 5.26 dial, beating Gary's 8.295 on a 7.83 dial, taking the bracket win as well as the season Renegade Non-Electronics points win. Rick Reynolds' 1971 Pinto (Near) lining up against Gary Harfield's 2013 Corvette n the Renegade Non-E Final But Rick's night was not done yet. He had another final to run, and another season point's win to lock up, and all that stood in the way of winning them both in the Renegade Electronics category was Paul Wagner and his 1971 Plymouth Duster. Paul's Duster had a bit more muscle in it then Gary's Corvette, his dial down to a more comparable 6.64 compared to Rick's Pinto's 5.39, but Paul still had to hit the gas first. And when the cars were staged, and the amber lights counted down to green, he did. And he did so around 8 hundredths of a second before the green light would have flashed. When the red light popped on his side of the tree, and the win light popped on Rick's side of the track, all Rick had to do was take a smooth victory cruise down the strip. and with that, he wrapped up his sweep of the Renegade season points championship with a sweep of the Renegade brackets. Rick Reynolds (Far) lining up in the Electronics final against Paul Wagner's 1971 Plymouth Duster (Near) And with Rick's sweep, Barona finishes off it's 2015 campaign. Looking forward to seeing you all when a new racing season starts in 2016!
KING of the TRACK 2015 Four brackets. Dozens of drivers. One track. And there can be only one King. The King of the Track was decided at Barona 1/8th Mile Dragstrip last weekend, as the Gambler, Summit Pro, Summit Super Pro, and Summit Sportsman all came together, and he four winners there would go against each other one last time, the winner being King of the Track, and bringing home their own Wally. But to even make it there, you got to win your bracket. And first up was the Gambler, with both Wayne Johnson and John Hildebrand trying to get that first spot. John's classic 31 Ford Coupe was a bit too quick to start, though, fouling out and giving Wayne the win. John Hildebrand's 31 Ford Coupe (Near) lined up against Wayne Johnson's 72 Corvette (far) in the Gambler final. Wayne would win the race. The Super Pro was next, with it's competitors topping 100 MPH usually, narrowing down to Woody's 63 Corvette against Jim Eckis' 70 Nova. Woody took the lead off the tree with a .025 R/T, but Eckis was coming up fast, running a 6.747 E/T. Unfortunately, Eckis dialed in a 6.75, giving Woody a spot at the King of the Track. Jim Wood (Far) and his Corvette preparing to take on Jim Eckis' 70 Nova (Near) in the Summit Super Pro final. The Summit Pro was rocking fast too, featuring a final with Todd Scheet rocking down at 103 MPH, but the bug launched too quickly, red lighting and letting Richard Sullivan take the Summit Pro win, and give him a spot with a chance to become King. Todd Scheet (near) getting into lanes with against Richard Sullivan (Far) before the Summit Pro final. The Sportsman has the last spot up for grabs, as "The Shoe", Buck Hay lined up against Gary Harfield's 2012 Aprlion. There was no fouls. No breakouts, just a clean run, with The Shoe nailing his 7.86 dial perfectly, a 7.860 E/T, while Gary was 5 hundredths off. But, Gary got off the line over 7 hundredths quicker, taking the win and the last spot for King of the Track. Gary Harfield would join Richard Sullivan, Jim "Woody" Wood, and Wayne Johnson in their quick, 4 man tournament for NHRA Wally gold. Garry and Woody could not wait, as they were both eliminated in the semi-finals with a red light start. The last two survivors were Richard Sullivan, in his 92 Mustang, up against Wayne Johnson's muscle, a 72 Ranchero. Wayne would line up with a 9.18 dial, Richard a 6.43, as he would have to wait nearly 3 second after Wayne launches before he can chase after him. Both came off the tree at comparable times, Wayne having a .103 light, and Richard a .121 a few seconds later. There'd be room for Richard to catch up, with Wayne's 9.240 ET leaving 8 hundredths of a second error to sneak in, but Richard's 6.391 E/T was too low on his 6.43 dial, breaking out, and making Wayne Johnson the King of the Track. Wayne Johnson, his 72 Ranchero, and their new Wally. Congratulations to the King of the Track! But what can be settled, now that we've crowned a King? Well, grudges still hold strong, as Match Race Madness hits the track again on November 28th, with the Gambler still holding strong after. See you then!
RENEGADE #5, 10-31-15 Renegades ran wild this Hallow's Eve at Barona 1/8th Mile Dragstrip, but it was far from a ghastly show. The weather was perfectly cool, the sunshine was bright, and the cars were fast blazing underneath the California sunlight. The Gambler made it's appearance first, coming down to Remy Reynolds and Dennis Gonsalves in the final, with Remy running a right 8.602 on a 8.59 dial, but Dennis' 1986 Ford Mustang launched off the line quicker, getting a .058 reaction time against Remy's .082, giving him enough buffer so that his 6.957 run on a 6.83 dial could get the win light The Renegade non-electronic came up next the bracket winding down to Remy's father, Rick Reynolds and his 71 Pinto lining up against Joe Bernier's 36 Ford Coupe. Both were antsy getting off the line, but Joe ran first, his red light giving Rick Reynolds the win light. Rick (Near) looking down the track with Joe Bernier (Far) Rick would be back for the Renegade Electronics final, lining up against Barry Brown's 66 Chevelle, but this time, he was not going to win at the tree, especially not when Barry gets a .001 light. But with Rick running a 5.285 on a 5.28, he was able to that the Electronics bracket, sweeping the Renegade for tonight. Barry Brown (Near) lining up in the Electronics final against Rick Reynolds (Far) What's coming up next? Well check out Barona on the 14th, where we will see who's King of the Track. See you there!
The Crower Cup came to a sudden, if exciting conclusion in the wee hours of Sunday Morning, but it went out with a bang. It all started Friday with the Crower Cams & Equipment Company 60th Anniversary pre-race Party. With a free BBQ and live music from Jet West, the racers and fans were well prepared for a very exciting night of racing. Saturday started off with a few demos from some of the fastest cars in the nation: CNC/Autopowers's Top Fuel Dragster, Chuck Beats' Top Fuel Funny Car, and Witch Doctor's Top Fuel Altered, whose exhibition runs down the track was just a few MPH short of setting an all time track record. But with the festivities taken care of, there was only racing to do. The Gambler bracket was still running strong, coming down to Danny Ord's 1972 Pontiac Ventura against R.J. Simrock's 1970 Chevrolet Nova. RJ launched off the line, nailing a .003 reaction time while Danny had to play catch up. But, with Danny getting a 7.674 E/T on a 7.74 dial, he broke out, giving the win to R.J. RJ Simrock's 70 Nova (Near) Burning out with Danny Ord's 72 Ventura (Far) before the Gambler final. Saturday was also the finale of the Crower Cup series, the grand finale coming down to George Chatterton III's powerful 1937 Fiat Dragster and Chad Karaginides' 1970 Dodge Challenger. Chad's 6.849 on a 6.83 dial would be hard to beat, but George racing in, going just 7 thousandths of a second over his 5.43 dial, racing in at 120 MPH, would give him the win light. George Chatterton III poses with his 37 Fiat, his winnings, wife Rachel, and kids Theresa and Trevor after winning the Crower Cup finals. And with that, the Crower Cup series was over, and we congratulate Remy Reynolds for coming out on top of this three race series, with her 1967 Ford Ranchero and her new TMS Titanium sponsorship. Remy Reynolds, posing with family and friends with the Wally and Crower Cup for winning the Crower Cup Series Championship. With the Crower Cup finally wrapped up, we got more action waiting in two weeks, as the Barona Renegade Series comes back to the track, along with another round of Gambler, and Test and Tune runs going on all night. See you there!

SUMMIT 7 and 8, JULY 25-26 It was a big race weekend, going from the Midnight Strips on Saturday, to the National Dragster Challenge and Summit Finals on Sunday. Dreams were made and lost as Wallys were on the line, but first, let go over Saturday's events. Saturday was another one burning the midnight oil, but that didn't stop these racers. With the motorcycles, Aundrea Wilcox took another bracket win, her 06 Suzuki running a 6.281 on a 6.18 dial, beating Shane Crostini's 7.007 on a 6.62. The Summit Sportsman had an exciting finish too, as Dee Dethloff edged out Paul Wagner by just under a third of a second, her 7.782 on a 7.74 dial with a .048 R/T just barely beating Paul's 7.697 on a 7.63 dial with a .054 tree. Aundrea Wilcox (Near) lined up against Shane Crostini (Far) in Saturday's Summit Motorcycles Final. The Pros were climbing the Summit too, with Mark Whynaught standing on top in the end, as his quick .011 reaction time off the tree helped push rival Austin Hayward to overrun his dial, and break out. The Super Pros has a go at it too, as Rick Reynold's 71 Pinto broke 120 MPH, heading down the track in 5.345 seconds. Which on his 5.31 dial, was enough to take out Rob Hoffman. Mark Whynaught (Near) lined up in the Summit Pro finals with Austin Hayward (far) The Gambler ran down too, with RJ Simrock's Nova taking the final win light over Richard Sullivan's Mustang, but only by the slimmest of margins. Richard took the stripe on the track, going 6.468 on a 6.46 dial, but he was .027 seconds slower on the tree, giving RJ a win by five thousandths of a second. But that was all just a warmup for Sunday, the last race of the Summit Series, and the National Dragster Challenge. Winners on Sunday didn't just get a share of the pot and a Winner Sticker, but also one of drag racing's prestigious trophy: The Wally. The same foot tall statue that the 9,000 horsepower Top Fuel dragsters chase down in the Mello Yello series could be won just by winning your bracket at Barona 1/8th Mile Dragstrip. But it was not going to be easy. The Motorcycles got the first shot. The first Wally of the night was won on the back on an HD Destroyers, and Brockman Roberts had his Christmas in July, taking his present at the tree, his .028 light being the difference, as John Coburn was a thousandth of a second closer to his dial, but 48 thousandths slower getting off the line. In the Sportsman class everybody was pushing their cars beyond their limits, with both semi-finalists as well as both finalists broke out, but Buck Hayward's Firebird only did so by three thousandths, the slimmer margin giving him a Wally for his shelf. The Wally for Buck Hayward's Shelf. Looking at the Pro bracket, George Chatterton was feeling the pressure as well, as he crossed the finish line one and a half hundredths of a second too soon, giving Trey Sommers and his 56 Chevy a new trophy for the shelf. Back up in the Super Pro bracket, Mark Whynaught felt like the clear underdog going up against Todd Ferguson's 1964 Ford Falcon. His wheels were spinning, and he was having a hard time hitting his mark, as he took the only chance he felt he had, and that was taking a risk at the tree. However, this time it did not work out for him, leaving just over two hundredths of a second early, while Todd left 18 thousandths later than the perfect start, giving Todd Ferguson the Summit Super Pro bracket. Todd Ferguson, his Super Pro winning 1964 Ford Falcon, and his new Wally. But it was in the Gambler when the the pressure of the Wally really came down and it came down on Danny Ord. Danny would jump .166 seconds early off the tree, and personally hand the Wally to Jorge Couarrubios and his 07 GTO. Danny Ord's 72 Pontiac (Near) ready to roll in the Gambler against Jorge Couarrubios' 07 GTO in the final. It was an exciting finish to Drag Racing's most coveted prize, and an exciting end to the Summit Series. The championship points will be counted and decided later, but congratulation to all of our winners this weekend, and thank you to the drivers and fans who made it all possible! We'll hope to see you in two weeks, when Match Race Madness strikes the track again, August 8th, with the Gambler running it's bracket at well. See you there!

SUMMIT 5 and 6, JUNE 27-28

The Summit returned to Barona last weekend, burning the midnight oil on Saturday and cruising fast in the cool cloudy afternoon on Sunday. The track was running fast, and the cars and dragsters were speeding up and down the track. Starting off with the bikes, we have a weekend sweep by Tom Medlin and his 93 Suzuki. On Saturday, he raced past Brockman Roberts, posting a 5.561 on a 5.56 dial, while Brockman went 5.872 on a 5.38. On Sunday, he went up against Aundrea Wilcox in the final, a previous winner, and ran a 5.561 on a 5.57 light, breaking out. However, Aundrea was 19 thousandths of a second too fast on the tree, fouling and giving Tom his second win of the weekend. The Sportsman had some good action in it too, Saturday had David Peutz taking his 68 Firebird to the final against Wayne Johnson's Ranchero. They were nearly even off the line, but David's 8 ten thousandths slower reaction time was the difference, their combined reaction times and differences between their E/Ts and their dials leading to a scant .248 vs .241 difference, Wayne Johnson winning only by 7 thousandths of a second. Sunday's race came down to Gary Harfield's Corvette against Davit Peutz's return, in his Firebird. David got off the line faster, nailing a .026 R/T compared to Gary's .050, but Gary nailed his mark, getting an 8.236 E/T on a 8.23 run. The Pro class had it's runners too, and one of them was George Rodgers, who on Saturday took his 65 Malibu into the finals and ran it out, while John Hildebrand got a little too antsy, and left the line early. On Sunday, Gary Harfield took the win light, as while both he and rival Austin Hayward broke out, Austin did it only one hundredth of a second farther then Gary did, just barely missing out on the win. [Gary Hayfield (far) lined up before his Summit Pro win on Sunday against Austin Hayward (Near) ] And what better to follow up Pro then Super Pro? The real dragsters rolled up to the finals Saturday night, with both Zach and Chandler Meziere showing off some high speed sibling rivalry, both of them breaking 120 MPH on this final run. And it was as close as they were fast, with Chandler running closer to his dial (Only off by 6 ten thousandths), but Zach beating him off the line, beating out his brother by mere thirteen thousandths of a second. (Zach Meziere, near, launching off against Chandler Meziere, far, in the Saturday Summit Super Pro final) But on Sunday, Muscle was at the top of the Super Pro Mountain, and Todd Ferguson and his 64 Falcon was king, his .013 reaction time and his 6.766 E/T on a 6.70 dial was enough to beat Rob Hoffman's 79 Camaro to the top of the Super Pro heap. Saturday was the exclusive home of the Super Street class too, as DJ Houmard's 93 Camaro went up against Craig Whelen's old 1927 Model T, set up as a true drag race with both of them posting 6.90 dials. Craig was faster, beating DJ's E/T by about .017 seconds... but DJ got off the line .037 seconds faster, taking the win. And finally, with the Summit past, Barona's own Gambler brackets got to run it down, as burning the late night rubber, Paul Wagner and his 1970 Dodge Dart squeaked by RJ Simrock's 1972 Nova, Paul nailing his 7.70 E/T with only 15 thousandths to spare, and RJ overstepping his 6.59 dial by nearly the same amount. And finally, Sunday's final ended up between Jim "Woody" Wood and Brian Bisshop, Brian's 75 Chevy Luv outrunning both Woody and Brian's own dial, running a 6.402 on a 6.42 dial, and giving Woody the win by breakout. [Saturday, Paul Wagner (near) in his 70 Dart racing to the Gambler win against RJ Simrock's 72 Nova (far) ] And with that, we here wish you a happy 4th of July, and we hope to see you on the 11th, where we'll be running all sorts of events! The Crower Cavalcade Car Show, the 11th Annual King of Clubs Car Show & Drags, and our very own Gambler, with Test and Tunes running all day. See you there!

CROWER CUP 2, JUNE 13, 2015

The Crower Cup returned to Barona last night, for the first night race of the year! Cars were burning the midnight oil late last night trying to take home the bracket wins. In the Outlaws bracket, Dennis Gonslaves in his 68 Ford Mustang took the win over Richard Sullivan's own 92 Mustang, getting a 6.864 n a 6.85 dial, racing past Richard's 6.607 on a 6.53. The Crower Cup Part 2 ended with one of the best runs of the night, though, as Todd Ferguson got a perfect E/T , a 6.710 on a 6.71 dial. With a .025 E/T, it'd be practically impossible to do a better run, as Dan Schrokosch broke out trying, running a 7.686 on a 7.75. Dan Schrokosch (Near) lined up against Todd Ferguson (Far) in the Crower Cup finals. After the Crower wrapped up, the Gamblers finished up, with a double breakout final, with Rick Reynolds finishing with a 5.287 on a 5.29, while George Chatterton the third got a 5.480 on a 5.49, matched with nearly identical reaction times. George Chatterton 3rd (near) against Rich Reynolds (far) in the Gambler final. And with the first night race done, we have another 2-day Summit Weekend coming in two weeks! Bring your earplugs! Results: (Dial/Reaction/E.T/MPH ) SD Outlaws: Win: Dennis Gonsalves 6.85/.106/6.864/98.76 R/U: Richard Sulivan 6.53/.078/6.607/96.31 Semis: RJ Simrock Crower Cup: Win: Todd Ferguson 6.71/.025/6.710/96.93 R/U: Dan Schrokosch 7.75/.073/7.686/91.72 (Broke Out) Semi: Greg Salladay Gambler: Win: Rick Reynolds 5.29/.065/5.287/131.78 (Broke Out) R/U: George Chatterton 3 5.49/.060/5.480/120.49 (Broke Out) Semi: RJ Simrock


We had the Junior Drags running down the strip last weekend, and boy these kids could get down the strip. Bringing all sorts of custom mini dragsters with their own custom paint jobs and personal touches, the speedsters of tomorrow ran their way down the strip. On Saturday, kids of all ages showed off their stuff. In the 8-9 near old group, Haylee Ramos took the victory light against Caden Ball, who broke out. In the 10-12s, Ryan Mason took a huge jump on Dylan Hegwood, able to take the win despite Dylan running a faster ET. For the 13-14s, Kate Worsham was able to outrace Hailey Pierce's Spitzer, and in the 15-Ups, another Kate, Kaitlyn Savolt outran Dylan Horridge to the end. Dylan Hegwood (Near) lining up against Ryan Mayson on Saturday's Final On Sunday, we took the night off then went at it again! In the 8-9s, Haylee was stopped short of a sweep by her brother, Aiden Ramos, and in the 10-12s, Dylan Hegwood lost in the finals again, this time to Maverick Malloy. The 13-14s had Hailey make it to the finals again, but she'd lose to Jason Horridge by jumping the tree a bit too early. And lastly, in the 15-Ups, Dylan Horridge improved on his finals loss on Saturday, by taking the win against Brandon Savolt. Kate Worsham (far) against Hailey Pierce (near) on Saturday's Group 3 Final Full Results: (Dial/Reaction Time/ET/MPH) Saturday JR Group 1 (8-9) W: Haylee Ramos 12.28/0.134/12.348/46.78 L: Caden Ball 12.05/0.358/11.800/53.38 (Broke) Semi Finalists: Jacob Hodges JR Group 2 (10-12) W: Ryan Mason ---/.013/9.057/71.41 L: Dylan Hegwood ---/.176/9.019/71.19 Semi Finalists: Maverick Malloy JR Group 3 (13-14) W: Kate Worsham 7.97/.018/8.007/80.26 L: Hailey Pierce 8.45/.074/8.529/75.27 Semi Finalists: Paige Pierce, Dylan Oliveira JR Group 4 (15-Up) W:Kaitlyn Savolt 7.90/0.63/7.993/78.66 L: Dylan Horridge 7.90/.078/8.094/73.43 Semi Finalists: Austin Greenwell --------------------------------------- Sunday: JR Group 1 (8-9) W: Aiden RAmos 14.50/.286/14.462/41.64 (Broke) L: Haylee RAmos 12.24/-.028/12.239/51.36 (Foul) Semi Finalists: Caden Ball, Carlie Ball JR Group 2 (10-12) W: Maverick Malloy ---/.008/8.980/66.38 L: Dylan Hegwood ---/.093/8.972/71.14 Semi Finalists: Nolan Oliveirza JR Group 3 (13-14) W: Jason Horridge 7.92/-.022/7.986/82.11 (Foul) L: Jailey Pierce 8.47/-.024/8.534/77.16 (Foul) Semi Finalists: Dylan Oliveira JR Group 4 (15-Up) W: Dylan Horridge 7.92/.039/7.985/82.54 L: Brandon Savolt 8.03/.101/8.051/81.58 Semi Finalists: Kaitlyn Savolt Dylan Hegwood looking down the track in the Group 2 Final Either way, those Jr. Dragsters were quite a show for another sunny day of California Racing! Come by next Saturday, when the Crower Cup returns! Happy racing!

Summit Series #3 and #4 May 16-17, 2015

It was the Second coming of the Summit this weekend, with the loud and the brash meeting the track and the asphalt. Saturday started it off fast, with Brockman Roberts going over 120 MPH in the Summit Motorcycle final, his 5.429 on a 5.42 beating out Joe Silva, who was a little too fast off the line.

The Summit Sportsman was sporting too, with Gary Harfield running a 8.236 on a 8.12 light to edge out Buck Hayward, who broke out with a 7.948 on a 7.99.

In the Pro class, things were getting hot when Sommers came around, as Trey Sommers and his 56 Chevy took the bracket, edging out Chad Karaginides in his 70 Challenger, getting a 6.575 on a 6.56, while Chad broke out, running 19 thousandths faster then his 6.76 dial would allow.

Trey Sommers (far) lined up against Chad Karaginides (Near)

RJ Simrock rocked the Super Pro bracket, holding onto his line, running a only 7 thousandths over his 6.50 dial, while Zach Meziere broke out with a 6.473 on a 6.52 dial.

And in the Gambler, Todd Ferguson's 64 Falcon jumped off the line with under a hundreth of a second reaction time, going the 1/8th in 6.767 seconds, enough over his 6.70 dial to beat George Rodgers' 65 Malibu, who ran a 6.726 on a 6.68.

Todd Ferguson (near) about to launch in his 64 Falcon against George Rodgers (Far) in his 65 Chevy Malibu.

Saturday also introduced a new bracket, the High School bracket for the younger among us to compete. The first go around only had two entries, with Madison Hayward edging out Remy Reynolds in the one round bracket.

And on Sunday, we did it all again.

This time, the motorcycles were won once again by Aundrea Wilcox, her 06 Suzuki staying over her 6.20 dial while Shane Crostini went a little too fast, getting a 6.502 on a 6.59 dial, giving Aundrea another win.

The ultimate Sportsman this go around was Paul Wagner in his 70 Dart, getting a jump off the line against Wayne Johnson's 72 Ranchero, getting a .098 R/T against Wayne's .155, giving Paul the edge he needed to take the win light with a 7.608 on a 7.58, compared to Wayne's 9.203 on a 9.18.

Paul Wagner with his 1970 Dart, and girlfriend, Jayme Pierna

Mark Whynaught had a great day, winning both the Pro and the Super Pro brackets, with Chad Karaginides taking runner up in the Pro bracket again, and Todd Ferguson breaking out just a little harder then Mark did in the Super Pro bracket.

Mark Whynaught's 86 Regal (Near) against Chad Karaginide's 70 Challenger (Far) in the Summit Pro finals.

And finally, in the Gambler, Rick Reynolds' Pinto held steady against George Chatterton's 37 Fiat, which broke out by a mere 4 thousandths of a second on a 5.59 dial.

The second High School Bracket duel also favored the Reynolds this time, as younger Remy took the win against Madison Hayward, the two each having one High School bracket win each.

In two weeks, the High Schoolers won't be the only ones in town, as the Junior Dragsters race down the strip, kids as young as 6 taking down the 1/8th mile in custom NHRA style dragsters! Comes cheer on the future of our sport on May 30th!

48th San Diego Antique Drags, May 2, 2015

The Antiques were blazing down the track last Saturday when the Antique Drag Races graced Barona. The styling custom hot rods and antique dragsters were really showing themselves off, but that doesn't mean that the regulars would go down so easily themselves!

Our own Remy Reynolds got another win, taking down George Chatterton III with a dead-on 8.182 E/T on a 8.18 dial and a super quick .022 reaction time, while George broke out by a mere 9 thousandths of a second.

Remy Reynolds in her 67 Ranchero (Near) in the finals against George Chatterton, III (Far)

The Factory Experimental Cars really rocked the track themseles, too. With the AFX bracket being won by Arizona native Glenn Gibbons' 64 Pontiac over Ramona's Jerry Keller's 63 Dodge. Even though Jerry was only 46 thousandths off his dial with a 7.146 on a 7.10, and Glenn was 139 thousandths off with 6.439 on a 6.30, Jerry's .077 reaction time was 186 thousandths faster then Glenn's .263, beating him at the line to take the win.

And the Y Block and JBA FE challenges were taken home by Lakeside's own Todd Ferguson, his 64 Falcon first taking the Y Block bracket with a 6.777 on a 6.77 over John Hildebrand's 6.398 on a 6.42.

Todd Ferguson's 64 Falcon (near) against John Hildebrand (far)

And by winning the Y Block, Todd was entered into the JBA FE Challenge against the only entry into the other bracket, John Olsen's 55 Ford. Ferguson took the win light again,combining an .094 light with a 6.923 on a 6.77 to take down Olsen's .173 tree and a 8.398 E/T on a 8.20 dial.

John Olsen's 55 Ford (near) and Todd Ferguson's 64 Falcon (Far), lined up for the final race of the night.

And with another beautiful day of racing done, the cars all packed up, and the track's getting cleaned up for another go around in two weeks! On May 16th and 17th we got another Summit Weekend! The fastest cars around head down to the track for the NHRA Summit, so we'd recommend bringing a set of earmuffs for the faint of hearing. See you then!


The Crower Cup got underway last Saturday, as the racetrack brought some new winners and family connections to the track. Cars were pushing themselves beyond the limit all over the brackets yesterday, with plenty of early jumps and breakouts a plenty.

We also had a new winner, as Remy Reynolds, the 16-year-old daughter of last year's winner, Rick Reynolds, took her first win in Crower Cup Race #1 driving her mother's 1967 Ford Ranchero, getting a 0.049 jump off the tree and nailing her dial by three thousandths of a second, giving her a win over Richard Sullivan's 92 Mustang.

Remy Reynolds and best friend Jessica Wall, right before taking their first bracket win light.

It was a good day all around for the Reynolds, as father Rick took the win in the SD Outlaws bracket, his Pinto taking on Jim Borba's 67 Ford.

In the Gambler, the competition was hot, with Joe Bernier's 36 Ford Coupe raced down Woody's Corvette for a Gambler win.

Joe Bernier, burning out and heating up the track in his tricked out Coupe.

We'll need to give the track a week or two to cool down, but come on back in two weeks for Match Race Madness, afflicting Barona Drags on the 18th! Come on down if you're feeling mad!

SUMMIT March 21-22

A Summit Doubleheader rocked the 660 feet last weekend, with some high powered octane roaring down the strip to celebrate the start of another Summit championship. It was certainly our fastest race of the year, with many winners racing down the track in under 6 seconds.

In the Gambler, our Saturday winner was Roy Sommers, whose Chevy Coupe ran a 6.035 on 5.98 dial, beating Jim Borba and his 67 Ford's 6.873 on a 6.85. Roy couldn't get the repeat on Sunday, though, breaking out in the final against Mark Whynaught, with both racers breaking 110 MPH, with Mark getting a 5.939 on a 5.93.

Mike Whynaught (Near) and Roy Sommers (Far) in Sunday's Gambler Final

In the Summit Super Pro, Zach Meziere blazed to a win on Saturday, his custom dragster blazing across the finish line at over 125 MPH, going with a near-perfect two-thousandths of a second reaction time to get a 6.286 on a 6.27 dial, with Mark Whynaught jumping the gun and red lighting against him. The Sunday final was fast too, too fast even with both Jim Wood and Todd Ferguson breaking out, Jim's eight thousandths edging out Todd's thirty-one, giving Woody the win.

For the Summit Sportsman, Gary Harfield took the win in his Aprlion Corvette over David Peutz, by running a 8.289 on a 8.24 compared to David's 7.561 on a 7.61, but the outcome was reversed on Sunday, with David's 68 Firebird staying strong on his 7.588 on a 7.57, while Harfield broke out, just 6 thousandths too fast on his 8.20 dial.

And finally, for the Summit Motorcycles Saturday had Brockman Robert's HD Destroyer rocketing down the line at 126 MPH, taking the stripe with a 5.429 on a 5.38 to Joe Silva's breakout, with a 6.232 on a 6.28. On Sunday, Aundrea Wilcox, who won the Second Chance Finals two weeks ago, came up just short against Shane Crostini's 6.632on a 6.39, despite her 06 Suzuki hitting an impressive 111 MPH.

And after that hot day of racing, we can't wait for the start of the Crower Cup, April the 4th. That and the test and tune Gamblers will be running the track. Can't wait to see you there!

MARCH 7, 2015

Mustangs took over the track on Saturday, as the 8th Annual Mustangs vs The World rocked the strip. Thanks to the Wicked-Stangs National Mustang Club, Southland Clutch, Dante Modular Performance, Perry Ford of National City, and all the volunteers who helped make this possible!

The racing was fast and frequent and went on deep into the night as numerous winners were crowned and races run.

In the Open Comp division, our own RJ Simrock driving Bob Hughes' mighty blue Nova took the winner light on a 6.511 on a 6.49, while Rick Reynolds in the '71 'Chick Magnet' Pinto broke out with a 5.300 on a 5.34 dial. In the Second Chance bracket, Aundrea Wilcox on her 06 Suzuki took the top cash with a 6.382 run on a 6.27 dial, while Pete Wagner also broke out in his '70 Dart with a 7.595 on a 7.63.

Aundrea Wilcox's '06 Suzuki (near), before winning against Pete Wagner's '70 Dart (far) in the Second Chance Open Comp Finals

In the Street division, the winners are listed below.

True Street 7.0:
Tony Thompson (Grand National Turbo)

True Street 7.5:
Emilio Valdez ('09 Mustang GT500)

True Street 8.5:
Ethan Bartel (Cherokee SRT8)

True Street 9.0:
Jared Sweeney ('15 Mustang GT)

True Street 9.5:
Eric Stellick ('06 Mustang GT)

True Street 10.0:
Kenneth Moore ('02 Mustang)

The Mustangs did not stop us from running our Renegade brackets either, with Rick Reynolds in his Pinto taking the stripe in the Non-E after RJ Simrock left a thousandth early, and in the Renegade Electronics, Paul Geis in his vintage '52 Chevy Pickup truck ran a 6.842 on a 6.76 dial, beating "Woody" Wood's '63 Corvette's 6.993 on a 6.56.

Paul Geis's '52 Chevy Pickup (Near) going against Jim Wood's '63 Corvette (far) in the Electronics Final

See you when the Summit starts! It's only two weeks away!

FEB 7, 2015

Congratulations to our winners Saturday Night! In the Renegade Electronic Finals, Dan Geis in his 64 Nova went against RJ Simrock, with Simrock crossing the line 15 thousandths of a second too fast, running a 6.465 on a 6.48 dial and giving the win to Dan Geis' 6.318 on a 6.31 dial. Rick Reynolds, who earlier won the Run For The Money on a perfect 5.240 E/T on a 5.24 dial, finished in the Semi-Finals.

Dan Geis, on the way to winning the Renegade Electronics final. He would run a 6.318 on a 6.31 dial. (photo by Pete Liebig, Track Photographer)

Meanwhile, in the Renegade Non-E Finals, both Jim "Woody" Wood and Roy Sommers fouled out, but Jim pushing his 63 Corvette off the line 32 thousandths of a second too early let Roy throttle out his 55 Chevy Coupe to a 5.880 E/T on a 5.90 dial but his .004 reaction time was the key to him taking a win all the way back to Escondido!
It was a fun night racing, with the weather being perfect and everything finishing before night! Hope to see you in two weeks!

Roy lining up in his 55 Chevy Coupe. He would break out in the final on a 5.880 E/T on a 5.90 dial, but he would win on an opponent's red light.(photo by Pete Liebig, Track Photographer)

JAN 24, 2015

The first race night of the first year wraps up with two exciting finishes in the Renegade Electronics and Renegade Non-E classes!

In the Electronics class, Thomas Reed's 67 Nova outruns his dial by one and a half hundredths of a second, going 6.224 on his 6.24 dial and letting Paul Wagner and his 73 Valiant cruise to the win with a 7.001 ET on his 6.93 dial, with Joe Crozer and Rick Reynolds finishing in the Semis.

And in the Renegade Non-E class Chad Karaginides and his 70 Challenger went against Run For The Money winner RJ Simrock's 70 Nova, with Simrock fading down the line running a 9.396 E/T on his 6.47 dial, giving Chad the win on his 6.803 E/T on a 6.71 dial.

It was an exciting race weekend, and we can't wait to see you in two weeks!

Renegade Non-Electronics Final, Chad Karagindes (near) lines up against RJ Simrock (far) line up to go.

Renegade Electronic Final, Paul Wagner (right) and Thomas Reed (left) wait for the race to start.





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